Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System


Wet Chemical system features 24- automatic & manual protection for commercial cooking area; duct, plenums, hood & cooking surfaces. System is Design for quicker flame knockout & faster suppression. It exceed stringent UL300 standard& complies with NFPA 96 & 17A. System offer unmatched coverage, with fewer discharge nozzles & flow point, reduced installation time & cost.

How the Wet Chemical system works :

  • Fire is detected by heat detectors which activate the control box (or the Manual pull station is activated) causing the cylinder valve to open.
  • Pressure stored in the cylinder propels the Wet Chemical through the System piping and out of strategically-located nozzles onto the fire. The Systemautomatically shuts off appliances to remove the heat source.
  • Wet Chemical knocks down flames quickly and forms a protective layer That suppresses fire and prevents fire reflash.